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Did you know that Heart Attack is the no.1 killer for women in Australia

There is a common misconception that heart attacks only happen to middle age men. Michele was only 43 when she had hers, click HERE to read her story.

Good Samaritan

Wow!  This is exactly why we love teaching people first aid.  So they can use their skills during emergency situations such as car accidents.  It is fantastic to see that people are happy to help others in a time of need.  Don’t forget that as a first aider you are covered by legislation in every state and territory when you stop to help someone who is sick or injured, just don’t do anything way beyond your training like put a dislocated shoulder back in!!  Jump in and help! here is the article

First Aid for Journalists

Here is a very interesting article about first aid training for journalists and the need for these skills when they enter areas where there is risk of injury such as war zones, click HERE.